PPA = Power Purchase Agreement CfD = Contract for Difference DNO = Distribution Network Operator WPD = Western Power Distribution (now called National Grid Electricity Distribution) TOUT = Time of Use Tariff WECA = West of England Combined Authority

November 2022 network meeting

Welcome back! It's been a while, but we're really excited to announce another network meeting for this autumn/winter. It will take place at Wessex Water, on 2nd November. Come and share what you've been doing, what your plans are, and discuss ideas for community scale approaches to renewables, energy efficiency , addressing climate emergency and … Continue reading November 2022 network meeting

Community Energy England hosting Web Conference on April 30th

Despite our present crisis life, and work, goes on. Community Energy England have set up a Web Conference on April 30th. Here is the event description: Community Energy: ONLINE Spring Conference Traversing Turbulent Times Community Energy South has teamed up with Community Energy England to deliver an exciting and informative ONLINE webinar that will bring … Continue reading Community Energy England hosting Web Conference on April 30th

Regen Southwest events listings

Regen brings together Community Energy Events and news throughout the South West as part of its mission. Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform the world’s energy systems for a zero carbon future. Regen offers independent expert advice and market insight on all aspects of sustainable … Continue reading Regen Southwest events listings


Bath February 5th 2020

There was a good turnout of approximately 70 delegates and 14 speakers at the WCEN Climate Emergency conference in Bath on Wednesday 5th February . The event provided a great opportunity to better understand progress to date in development of Local Authority Climate Emergency Action Plans and potential help available from the community energy sector. … Continue reading Bath February 5th 2020

Salisbury: October 24th. 2019

There were 5 inspirational presentations at the meeting on the theme of 'Scaling-up and Co-operation Between Community Energy Groups' Hugo House, Development Director, Spring - 'A renewables development model for Communities, Authorities and Business' Stewart Crocker, Somerset Community Energy- 'Collaborating to increase community energy generation in Somerset' Jon Halle, Sharenergy- The Big Solar Coop: A … Continue reading Salisbury: October 24th. 2019