Important Climate and Economy report published on 5th September

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate was created in 2013 to examine how the international community could achieve its development goals within the constraints imposed by climate change. It is a Davos-friendly collection of former government officials (like Mexico’s Felipe Calderón), along with experts in business and economics (like famed climate economist Nicholas Stern), funded by a set of seven governments (not including the US), though it operates independently.

Its fourth big report — the 2018 New Climate Economy Report, is the closest thing to a state-of-the-art look by experts at the risks and opportunities posed to human beings and their economies by climate change.

There is an excellent and perceptive summary from the international  publication Vox available via a Climate Brief weblink:

The Vox article, well worth a read,  points out the need for vastly better public policy to tackle climate change and the importance of grass roots bottom- up initiatives.

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